Selected Texts

2012 The Social Life of Things, Exhibition catalogue, Monash University Faculty Gallery, VIC
2011 MCA Collection: New Acquisitions in Context 2010, MCA catalalogue
  Unguided Tours, Anne Landa Award for video & new media arts 2011, Art Gallery of NSW catalogue essay by Justin Paton
  Arlo Mountford The Vanishing Point of History, LUMA catalogue, essay by Ryan Johnston
  Movements #1, catalogue conversation by Nick Selenitsch and Arlo Mountford
  Realtime, Issue 101, Feb-March 2011 pg 2-13
2010 NEW010, ACCA catalogue essay by Rebecca Coates
  ArtAsiaPacific, Off with his Head!, issue 71 Nov/Dec 2010 essay by Michael Young pages 76-77
  21st Century: Art in the First Decade, Queensland Art Gallery catalogue
  Australian Art Collector, Arlo Mountford, by Mark Feary, Issue 53 Jul-Sept 2010, pages 160-161
  Shepparton Art Gallery, Arlo Mountford Catalogue Essay by Leon Goh
  The Australian, The Arts, 6 August 2010, Fine display of Optimism, Edward Colless
  Crawl2: Three Moves, two essays by Ellie Buttrose and Bree Richards
  Vogue Living Australia, Seven Wonders by Annemarie Kiely May-Jun page 83
  Art Monthly Australia, Up close and public by Flossie Peitsch, June
2009 The Age, The Arts, 14 July 2009, Frames of Folly, Andrew Stephens, page 13
  Flash, Issue 2, Artist as Higher Lifer, Naomi Cass
  Bangkok Post, Outlook, The hacienda must be built, by Andrew J West, 30 April 2009
  The Hacienda Must be Built, two catalogue essays: I'm a real artist by Zara Stanhope, and And this is the way it was by Masato Takasaka
  The Folly, An Awfully Big Adventure, Grantpirrie catalogue essay by Zara Stanhope
  frieze, Arlo Mountford, by Nicola Harvey
  Realtime, No 89 Feb-March, Beauties beyond irony and austerity, by Urszula Dawkins page 47
2008 Contemporary Australia: Optimism, Queensland Art Gallery essay by Julie Ewington page 154
  ArtAsiaPacific, No 59 July-August 2008, Australia & New Zealand essay by Rachel Kent page 144
  Monash University Collection: A selection of recent acquisitions, Monash University catalogue
  Triple R radio review Smart Arts by Tai Snaith and Kiron Robinson, Return to Form: NDINAVIA
2007 The Flux of the Matter, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces catalogue essay by Jeff Khan
  Real Time, No 79 June-July 2007, Art animated and dissected, by Ashley Crawford page 46
  Flash Art, May-June 2007 Vol. XL No. 254 page 96
  The Weight of the Matter, Monash University catalogue
2006 Cover image of Art Gallery Guide Australia, July/August 2006 and page 13
  Cover image of Art Almanac, July 2006 and page 5
  Triple R radio review Smart Arts by Jeff Khan and Tai Snaith
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  21st Century Modern 2006 - Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art Arlo Mountford by Edward Colless
  Imagine…the creativity shaping our culture, Heide Museum of Modern Art The Alternate Worlds of Arlo Mountford by Vikki McInnes
  Move on Asia, Single Channel Video Art Festival catalogue 2006, pages 136 to 139, Move On Asia and Hitoshi Nishiyama’s White Out, by Andrew Conti, Issue #635, May 26 2006
2005 A Short Ride in a Fast Machine: Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces 1985 - 2005, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces catalogue
  Runway Edition 6 Murder in the Museum Animation on Cover DVD
  Un Magazine, Edition 4 Arlo Mountford’s Recent Work Feature Article by Vikki McInnes, pages 5-7
  A portable model of…. catalogue, by Tristian Koenig, Plimsol Galley, Tasmania
2003 The Age, 14 January, Could this be the new Cubism by Gabriella Coslovich, page 6 The Culture